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Needle-less Lip Fillers

Our needle free technology is not only safer than the traditional needle but also just as effective!

Below are hyaluron pen pros & cons:


-More natural look

-Cheaper in price

-Less invasive

-Less downtime and bruising

-Significantly less painful

-No needles


-Results are smaller and less drastic in appearance

-Results last shorter amounts of time


.5 mL - $80

1/2 a syringe. A VERY natural look, great for beginners to get a feel for the procedure. .5mL’s are also a very great for filler touch ups! Very slight size difference, light plump, and subtle definition.


1 mL - $200

1 syringe. Another good starter for first timers, great for filler touch ups and lip symmetry. This will give you that extra plump and definition that you’re looking for. It’s not as subtle as a .5mL and not as fluffy as a 1.5mL. Once healed, it’s still natural looking, but you will see the size difference you want. 1mL’s add height and volume to your natural lip shape. Not too little, not too much, the perfect in between.


1.5 mL - $300

A 1.5 mL is great for people who want to achieve a more noticeable size difference and extra plump. 1.5 mL’s (like 2 mL’s) are recommended to get done after already having completed a .5 mL or a 1mL. 1.5mLs are able to lift the lip shape and define the Cupid’s bow. This add-on will give you the juicy lips you want without looking like it’s “too much”.


2 mL - $350

Kylie Jenner who? 2 mLs — 2 syringes. A 2mL fill will give you all the extra plump and definition you need! This will be a very noticeable size difference. The filler is spread evenly across your lips, so they won’t look bulky, botched, or irregular in shape. Get that defined Cupid’s bow, plumpy upper lip and overall luscious lip with a 2mL. 

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