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Welcome to my website! My name is Chely Cuesta, I am 30 years old and I independently own and operate several businesses. My main goal with my brand is to be transparent and relatable, as well as a source of support for others in reaching their goals, however that may be! I am a certified esthetician with 3 years (and counting) of entrepreneurial experience to advise upon. I am specialty certified in body contouring, wood therapy, hyaluron injections and post-operative cosmetic care. As my passion for the industry grew, so did my desire to open my own storefront location with the ability to attract street-traffic. I wanted to create an inclusive environment to provide my services, as well as network with other like-minded individuals to collaboratively improve the confidence of those we serve. I wanted to expand my business and comfortably house it in a premier location. This started off as simply an idea, but thanks to the support of my clientele and loved ones, Bare Beauty Bar by Chely Cuesta now stands as one of the most popular beauty salons in the Downtown Allentown area. I hope that in one way or another, I can help you reach your goals, whether you are trying to start a business, rebrand a business, reach a personal health goal or prioritize your own self-care more. I am adequately insured, OSHA-compliant and ready to service you in one of my modern, intimate studio settings. I guarantee client confidentiality, professionalism and ethical compliance. Thank you for considering my services and I look forward to working with you! Schedule your consultation today!



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